Embrace the Detours

My brother in-law Joel bought me the perfect gift for my birthday/departure on my adventure to teach abroad : my brand-spanking new journal pictured above. While I was re-re-packing whittling down the “necessities” and “won’t need its” with fashion consultant (Joel again!) the journal popped out to me and made me laugh.

I was ready and packed to leave on my new, to be determined destination by Oct 3. I finally left Oct 23. Part of me was keen to get outta town, but another part of me deep down KNEW that I needed some stillness before propelling myself forward onto the next BIG change. This year was full of them!

Everything was set – I have a tenant to cover costs, I was lucky to have Brenddan and Joel’s second bedroom to myself for the presumed few days of waiting. All I needed was the where. I didn’t see the need to unpack my just-packed suitcases with warm weather clothes as the fall started chilling more and the need for a scarf grew, so I lived off a few items and started making my way into Brenddan’s closet. Funnily enough, we’re about the same size : sister, 33 and brother, 24. I laughed as the days went by and I was STILL living out of my suitcase-my bedroom in Brenddan and Joel’s was the only area that was a total mess!

So there I was, day 1 of waiting. A day of lazy with my LAA, Sally. We walked around B&Joel’s apartment in our oversized t-shirts and made jokes to the boys their new life with lazy Chelsea walking around in a t-shirt. Sally and I relished the prior evening events. It was my last big night with my homegirls. I knew it’d be awhile before I’d see them again, but I just took it all in, without a sense of sadness, but a sense of gratitude. Then to be able to take a day with Sally in our t-shirts just like old times, was a total bonus. My heart was full.

Day 4 of waiting I got hit with a brutal cold. I haven’t been sick like that since, I don’t know when! My body was ready to purge. It took me almost 2 full weeks to recover. I left the apartment maybe 5 times? (it didn’t help that I was up late most nights watching ALL of Nashville, but hey, I was enjoying the down time!) There was a reason I wasn’t called out to my destination.

I was surprised when I would tell people, “still waiting”or “yes there are delays” or “it’s a big project, lots of things need to fall into place” and it would be THEM stressed out or uncomfortable with the uncertainty of my future. I simply basked in the down time and surrendered knowing that, as the journal popped out and reminded me, at the end of my stay at the boy’s place, “enjoy the journey, embrace the detours” and I realize that this last year of detours coming again and again and again at me has really helped me develop and practice my infinite flexibility. It’s helped me go with the flow. It’s helped me be at a solution before any other thought when an issue comes up.

When I was on the phone this weekend with my love, we were discussing his huge personal development on Transcendental Meditation teacher training. One thing that he really resonated with is a quote from the Vedas: “yogastah kuru karmani”- established in Being, perform action. And when he said it, that clicked in me, that it’s been happening more and more. Yes, to be established in Being is to stay connected and integrated with Being/Self and the ever-changing concrete existence that we live in. To connect to Being is to transcend the concrete relative and bring more of that Being out into the relative so that it can be permanent, or established.

By no means am I saying I’m permanently there, that I am not. BUT to hear Nick say that and then realize how patiently I waited to see where I needed to be next (unlike me before-I want it and I want it now!) I realized that there has been a shift toward MORE Being and less what’s next? More “it’s all good” and less “how about now?” more “it’s ok to relax” and less “I should do the dishes”….and as I existed contently without waiting or anticipating, making gentle inquiries and then letting it go again and again, the most perfect opportunity came to me.

I asked around, got a few options and as soon as I saw this clip of the Principal Mrs. Bolt, I KNEW I had to go to Jamaica. She is a powerhouse of a woman. She brought TM into her Catholic school last year and she started seeing results in students and some teachers alike. I’ve arrived at a perfect time, to help teach the grade 7’s and to step in with my teaching buddy to nourish and inspire the grade 8’s who learned last year to stay regular in their TM. The school has a ways to go but it is at a point where amazing things are happening and even more amazing things CAN happen as we shift the Consciousness of the school. If you’re inspired to help support the program succeed, please donate and be sure to Restrict your Donation to Jamaica. Please comment “inspired by Chelsea”

I guess the concept of “nature organizes best” has really stuck with me, it’s becoming more and more permanent. I repeat it enough to my students and myself! I let things fall into place as they were meant to be and found my new home in tropical Jamaica where the papayas and avocados are huge and delicious, the fried chicken crispy, the people are laid back and intimate. I’m gradually getting used to the infinite flexibility here moment to moment as our teaching plans are constantly changing  with the continuous fluidity of events/schedules/kids. The necessity of being a spontaneous chameleon is Absolute!  I’m teaching young sweet souls that are stressed and hurting beyond what I can comprehend, to connect to what Jesus said in Luke 17:21 – “…behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” They are realizing that beautiful place of wholeness, totality, God, Being is who they are. To be a witness to their spark light up and to be a part of that journey is such a blessing.

As it always does, things worked out just as they should. The detours and delays were many, but I got here and I’m loving’ it ‘mon!

One thought on “Embrace the Detours

  1. Wonderful to hear your experience, Chelsea. I too have been learning to embrace the detours, enjoy the silence and go where Nature leads. We are all on that same glorious journey and becoming established in Being makes it easier. Just go with the flow! Enjoy your time in Jamaica. I’m sure you are a fabulous teacher and your students will benefit greatly from your time with them.


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