Birthday Town!

September 28, 2016.

Age : 33 Years.

Do numbers matter? Nope.

What does matter? Right now, in my mind, it is the outpouring of love that I received today (and throughout the year, but especially today) from my friends and family from across the globe. I am so grateful for all the love and support that I have.

Today wasn’t the perfect birthday. I woke up in pain : my neck and right shoulder tend to lock up in times of stress/unstressing, so I started with throbbing pain. No biggie. It is what it is. Taking whatever comes. Nature is organizing. I found myself slightly annoyed at first, but was really looking forward to some down time for me. My gorgeous girls I had to cancel on were understanding and supportive. The thought of having me time, felt like a warm, cozy blanket. Well, that was when I was still in my warm cozy bed, so was already literally cozy.

I finally put clothes on and yanked myself out of bed around noon when my mom and brother came knocking on my door. By then, I was ready to see other humans. And these two, were two human beings who love me immensely. I was pleasantly surprised by a mud pie with candle and “happy b’day” sung. THEN Brenddan said, “Happy Birthday from Nick.” My sneaky, adorable, lovely, devoted husband organized with my little bro to get me the perfect b’day gift and card filled with Nick’s outpouring of love. I cried. So touched.

Time out. Britney Spears’ “Womanizer” is distracting me from pouring out my heart…..LOL by the time I paused my playlist, “overprotected” came on and Britney just said “I need time, I need space, I need me.” Yup. That was me today. Nice timing Britney. Thank you!

Mom insisted on finishing the bathroom cleanup so she could contribute to my departure from home. My mother is an adjective. It’s “Gayle McCooey” when everything is done with such devotion and care, such perfection and love.

One date I did keep was my sweet coffee date with Airlia. We played on the swings and she got me a lavender latte. We laid in the grass, at 18 degrees in Vancouver and agreed despite the temp, it was crisp out, that the summer warmth is now officially gone. We soaked up the healing power from the grass and I settled back in home, back to me. “I need me.” Yes, thank you Britney Spears. Me too.

I’ve definitely been needing more ME. This past year and a half as been a whirlwind and all of a sudden I have a husband and incredibly fulfilling exciting life filled with new adventures coming soon! The last few weeks of me being alone in our apartment has been so satisfying. I need me. I need nourishment. I need self-love. We all do! And I’ve been taking more time for it.

So this year’s birthday was ME time. I came back to the apartment, settled into my last few episodes of Season 1 : Quantico while packing and doing painting touch-ups and enjoyed being alone. Being with me, being with my thoughts, soaking up the love from my people. I tend to overbook myself in general and especially on my birthday. It was sweet to take the time to enjoy the outpouring of love and let it seep in. I also got to chat with Nick twice today! I persisted and he snuck in an extra call at his lunch hour (tomorrow, Bali time).

Besides,  I had an early celebration yesterday celebrated with oysters, Bridget Jones’ Baby and some of my soul sisters. Including mom! I got my pre-celebration on, satisfied my need for connection and celebration and today I got to chill, reflect, enjoy, embrace and soak up all the love and attention I could FEEL from you all.

So, I’m grateful my neck and shoulder were throbbing today. My body forced me to settle in, rejuvenate, surrender and enjoy.

Happy Birthday To Me!!

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